Laptop vs Desktop

Posted by Ben Spector on 06-Sep-2018 21:28:05

Is the Desktop Computer Becoming Obsolete or Is It Here to Stay?

The fate of the desktop computer has been the topic of debate for several years. Knowing both sides of the argument can be beneficial when you need to purchase new computing devices for your business.

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Topics: computers, desktop pc, Business operations

Gmail for business

Posted by Ben Spector on 06-Sep-2018 20:21:39

Gmail for business

Why Using Gmail’s Confidential Mode Is Not a Good Idea for Businesses

As part of Gmail’s redesign in 2018, Google introduced the Confidential Mode to protect sensitive information sent by email. Learn how it works and why you should avoid using it in your business.

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Topics: gmail, google, google mail, email

File Storage:  How to See Which Files Are Taking Up Space

Posted by Chris Selby-Rickards on 06-Sep-2018 20:02:13

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Topics: windows 10

5 Ways To Speed Up Your Company Computers

Posted by Chris Selby-Rickards on 06-Sep-2018 19:44:07

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Keyboard Shortcut Top Tips

Posted by Chris Selby-Rickards on 10-Aug-2018 16:18:44

10 Keyboard Shortcuts That Work in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox Browsers

You can use many of the same keyboard shortcuts when working in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Here are 10 keyboard shortcuts that are handy as well as easy to remember.

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Topics: business tips, keyboard shortcuts, office 365

Business Tips for iphone Users

Posted by Chris Selby-Rickards on 10-Aug-2018 16:07:50

3 Ways Your iPhone Can Help You Be More Prepared and Organized During Business Trips

If your iPhone is running iOS 11 or later, you can use it for more than just staying in touch with the office. Here are three features you can use to help your business trip go more smoothly.

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Topics: iphone, business tips

Microsoft Word Tips!

Posted by Chris Selby-Rickards on 10-Aug-2018 15:27:08

How to Paste Like a Pro in Microsoft Word

Most Microsoft Word users know how to paste text, but not many know how to change Word’s paste behaviour. As a result, they often have to reformat the pasted text, which can be time-consuming. Find out how to change Word’s paste behaviour so that the text is automatically pasted in the desired format.

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Topics: microsoft office, office 365

Adobe Suite Security Vulnerabilities

Posted by Chris Selby-Rickards on 10-Aug-2018 14:46:00

Adobe Released a Mega Update That Patches More Than 100 Security Vulnerabilities

Five popular Adobe programs were found to be riddled with security holes. Learn about the programs that were affected, their vulnerabilities, and the update created to patch the holes.

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Topics: adobe, security, patches

Do you use Skype? Read this!

Posted by Chris Selby-Rickards on 06-Aug-2018 21:38:01

Using Skype Classic? You Need to Upgrade It Soon

If your business is using Skype Classic, it is time for an upgrade. After September 1, 2018, it will no longer work. Here is what you need to do.

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Topics: skype

Cloud Computing: 4 Reasons That Your Business Needs a Cloud File Server

Posted by Chris Selby-Rickards on 23-Jul-2018 14:40:14

Cloud Computing: 4 Reasons You Need a Cloud File Server

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about the cloud and how it helps companies. But many who are starting a company or are doing great with their current system tend to be sceptical about the benefits of the cloud. However, cloud storage brings with it a number of benefits that can help boost your company’s productivity and efficiency. In this article, we will explore these benefits.

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Topics: cloud computing, cloud, data storage

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