Time is money: why the right Managed IT Service Provider can improve your security AND productivity

Posted by Ash Asghar on 20-May-2020 22:05:41

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Any firm responsible for large amounts of confidential personal data and closely regulated by a professional body needs to pay extra attention to their data security, and ease of accessibility to this data, to maintain their reputation and provide an efficient and timely service to their clientsThis particularly applies to those managing financial data such as accountancy firms, wealth managers and financial advisers. In this blog, we outline the benefits of working with a specialist rather than a generic Managed IT Service Provider (MSP).


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9 great reasons to outsource your IT support

Posted by Ash Asghar on 21-Apr-2020 11:30:00


Over the last couple of decades, technology has become an increasingly crucial and integral part of running a business. This places a huge amount of pressure on business owners to provide the right support and management for their IT, bunot every SME can afford to appoint a full-time dedicated in-house IT resource. This has led to more and more companies turning to Managed IT Service Providers.  

Whether you’ve always been on the fence about outsourcing, or have never even thought about it,  the following article highlights just a few of the reasons why you should consider outsourcing your IT support and working in partnership with IT experts.

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Business Continuity: Keep your business running in the face of COVID-19

Posted by Ben Spector on 23-Mar-2020 10:18:29

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Do you have the tools and processes in place to keep your employees productive to work from home for a sustained length of time? 

No matter what size of business you run, you need to ensure your employees have instant access to the info they need to do their jobs. Are they able to work from home? Is your company’s data safe if they do? Find out what you need to do to make sure your employees can work from home effectively and safely.

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Testing Business Resilience: 6 steps to create a successful Disaster Recovery Plan

Posted by Ben Spector on 27-Feb-2020 15:41:31

Disaster Recovery blog image

When did you last test your business resilience? Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place? How long could your business survive with no access to your systems and data? If you’re not sure how to answer these questions, now is the time to act. Read on for the 6 steps you need to take to develop a robust Disaster Recovery Plan.

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IT downtime - what does it mean for your business?

Posted by Ben Spector on 28-Jan-2020 11:23:10

Network outages, power cuts, cyber attacks, flooding … disruptions to your business’s IT systems can strike at any moment, and with disastrous consequences. In our increasingly connected and digital world, it has never been more important for SMEs to test their business resilience and ensure they have a recovery plan in place should the worst happen. Find out why business continuity is a real threat. 

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Four reasons why your business should upgrade to Windows 10 now

Posted by Joytan Fernandes on 19-Nov-2019 17:01:54


The clock is ticking! Microsoft has announced that its End of Life support for Windows 7, including all technical assistance, security updates, software updates, new features and fixes, will end on 14 January 2020.

If you’ve so far resisted upgrading your business PCs from Windows 7 to Windows 10, here are four reasons why now is the time stop procrastinating and take action.

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How prepared is your business for data loss?

Posted by Joytan Fernandes on 11-Nov-2019 15:43:48

shutterstock_534464599Data loss can lead to putting a business in an unfavourable position. Global market intelligence firm IDC informs us that 40 percent of SMEs don’t back up their data at all! The purpose of this article is to inform businesses of the implications data loss can have to a business to satisfy the need of having backup in place. Data is the backbone of a business that all parties rely on and a loss of data means the business cannot perform well enough to deliver their product and/or services.

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Cloud Migration and its Importance

Posted by Joytan Fernandes on 18-Oct-2019 10:30:11


Migrating to the cloud is no longer an idea emerging but a concrete option when looking at how to make your business work better. Essentially, cloud migration is when a business moves their data and applications that are located on their premises to the cloud. The core reason cloud migration has gained a lot of traction over the years is due to its ability to adapt to a business’s environment better than on-premises hardware. Read further to better understand the importance and benefits migrating to the cloud brings to your business.

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Customer story: Chesterfield County

Posted by Ben Spector on 28-Sep-2019 17:12:00

Watch how Virginia's Chesterfield County Department of Social Services recently transformed its outdated workplace using cloud technology. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365, the department streamlined manual processes and siloed data to improve efficiency and productivity across their entire team.

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How Does Office 365 Help with Digital Transformation?

Posted by Joytan Fernandes on 19-Sep-2019 14:34:48

Previously we have covered what digital transformation is and why companies are perusing it. This week we will be exploring how Office 365 helps with Digital Transformation. Over the years, Office 365 has gain tremendous popularity as it is proven to have improved efficiency and flexibility in a business’s workforce and is providing a more streamlined approach to business processes with its ability to integrate with current systems.

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