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Ben Spector
As Managing Director of SpecTronics, I provide clients with IT Support, Cloud Computing and Telecoms Services. I work with clients to deliver IT solutions that enable business growth, optimise business processes, and keep data secure.
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Business Continuity: Keep your business running in the face of COVID-19

Posted by Ben Spector on 23-Mar-2020 10:18:29

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Do you have the tools and processes in place to keep your employees productive to work from home for a sustained length of time? 

No matter what size of business you run, you need to ensure your employees have instant access to the info they need to do their jobs. Are they able to work from home? Is your company’s data safe if they do? Find out what you need to do to make sure your employees can work from home effectively and safely.

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Topics: Disaster Recovery, Data Backup, Business Continuity, IT Downtime

Testing Business Resilience: 6 steps to create a successful Disaster Recovery Plan

Posted by Ben Spector on 27-Feb-2020 15:41:31

Disaster Recovery blog image

When did you last test your business resilience? Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place? How long could your business survive with no access to your systems and data? If you’re not sure how to answer these questions, now is the time to act. Read on for the 6 steps you need to take to develop a robust Disaster Recovery Plan.

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Topics: Disaster Recovery, Data Backup, Business Continuity, IT Downtime

IT downtime - what does it mean for your business?

Posted by Ben Spector on 28-Jan-2020 11:23:10

Network outages, power cuts, cyber attacks, flooding … disruptions to your business’s IT systems can strike at any moment, and with disastrous consequences. In our increasingly connected and digital world, it has never been more important for SMEs to test their business resilience and ensure they have a recovery plan in place should the worst happen. Find out why business continuity is a real threat. 

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Topics: Disaster Recovery, Data Backup, Business Continuity, IT Downtime

Customer story: Chesterfield County

Posted by Ben Spector on 28-Sep-2019 17:12:00

Watch how Virginia's Chesterfield County Department of Social Services recently transformed its outdated workplace using cloud technology. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365, the department streamlined manual processes and siloed data to improve efficiency and productivity across their entire team.

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What Is Digital Transformation and Why Are Companies Pursuing It?

Posted by Ben Spector on 03-Mar-2019 17:26:08


Digital transformation is a popular topic of discussion in boardrooms. Learn what digital transformation is all about and why companies are interested in digitally transforming themselves.

IDC predicts that at least 55% of organizations will be digitally transforming themselves by 2020. But what exactly is digital transformation? More important, why are companies pursuing it?

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Topics: Cloud Computing, digital transformation

Five Ways to Increase Productivity in Your Office

Posted by Ben Spector on 03-Mar-2019 17:15:06


Getting through the first few months of the year can be a hard slog. The days are shorter, the weather is dismal, and many of us feel somewhat deflated following the excitement of Christmas and New Year. Staying motivated at work can be difficult during this period- so what can we do to get ourselves back on top form?

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Topics: office, management, business tips, workplace, office productivity

Starting up a Business? Rely on Cloud Computing Services

Posted by Ben Spector on 02-Mar-2019 19:29:06


Simply put, cloud computing involves accessing documents and programs via the internet as opposed to your computer hard drive. In other words, as long as there’s an internet connection, cloud based data is accessible. Cloud computing systems are frequently used in small and medium sized businesses, but what makes cloud services superior to alternative methods? Below, we explore just a few reasons why you should use cloud computing at your start-up.

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Topics: Cloud Computing, Small Business

How to Setup Face ID on your iPhone

Posted by Ben Spector on 17-Feb-2019 15:35:25


People hesitant about using Face ID might have skipped setting up this feature when they initially got their iPhones. If you were one of them and you have since changed your mind, here is how to setup Face ID in iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and XR.

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Topics: iphone, mobile, face ID, Cyber Security

How to Use the Clipboard’s History and Syncing Features in Windows 10

Posted by Ben Spector on 17-Feb-2019 15:23:46

The Windows 10 October 2018 Update soups up the Windows Clipboard with new history and syncing features. Here is how to enable and use these features.

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Topics: Windows

4 Things You Might Not Have Known about Microsoft Teams

Posted by Ben Spector on 17-Feb-2019 14:57:27
Microsoft-Teams-1024x683 (1)

To help facilitate communication and collaboration in businesses, Microsoft offers a solution called Teams. Although it is a relatively unknown offering, its popularity is expected to grow. Here are four things it helps to know about Teams.

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Topics: Collaboration, Microsoft

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