Cloud Computing: 4 Reasons That Your Business Needs a Cloud File Server


Cloud Computing: 4 Reasons You Need a Cloud File Server

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about the cloud and how it helps companies. But many who are starting a company or are doing great with their current system tend to be sceptical about the benefits of the cloud. However, cloud storage brings with it a number of benefits that can help boost your company’s productivity and efficiency. In this article, we will explore these benefits.

You no longer have to worry about updates and maintaining systems

On site systems need to be constantly maintained and will grow old. When they are outdated, you will need to replace the system. Businesses spend thousands of pounds per year on IT services providers for the purpose of maintaining their systems. On the other hand, cloud services do not change as they are 24/7 functional. The provider will manage the updates and ensure the system is secure. This frees up your time and saves you money as you don’t have to worry about the operational aspect. It is a great asset for a startup which might not have a large IT department.

Access what you need anywhere

There are always moments where you need to access your data while you are away from office. If your data is stored on site, you will need to call someone from the office up or visit the office yourself to get it.

When your data is in the cloud, all you need is a smartphone or laptop with internet connection to access your data. When this access is granted to all the employees at your company, it can help you easily communicate and ensure tasks are completed even when away from office. You can hand out limited access to contractors and suppliers, making processes more transparent and allowing both parties to get real time updates.

You can protect your crucial data

Let’s face it. Storing data on site makes it extremely vulnerable. If your system fails or a disaster occurs, it can mean a huge blow to your company. Cloud storage does not suffer from the same issues. As it is stored on the internet, it can not be wiped out if your system crashes and automatic updates ensure your work is always backed up. This makes business continuity an easy task. Cloud service providers like Spectronics generally provide multiple servers just to ensure your business is not interrupted in any way.

You might be worried about the security as it is on the internet but cloud servers are known to be quite secure and harder to break into when compared with on site systems.

Transform how your business operates

If you on the lookout for affordable and efficient cloud computing solutions, Spectronics, one of the leading IT support companies in UK, is exactly what you need. Offering a range of IT services, they help both large companies as well as startups with anything related to IT systems. Give us a call on 03333 444 110 to evaluate what you need or visit our website for more information on our services!


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