Five Ways to Increase Productivity in Your Office


Getting through the first few months of the year can be a hard slog. The days are shorter, the weather is dismal, and many of us feel somewhat deflated following the excitement of Christmas and New Year. Staying motivated at work can be difficult during this period- so what can we do to get ourselves back on top form?

 As an employer, it’s your duty to create a positive working environment that inspires hard work, creativity and most importantly, success. However, if you’re coming up short on ideas, we’ve listed five ways in which you can give your employees’ productivity a boost.

Pay close attention to decor

 From colour schemes and furniture to lighting and flooring, there are many decoration aspects to consider when designing a modern office. Our surroundings can have a profound effect on how we work, so it’s important to build an environment that’s practical yet inspiring. Speaking with an office fit-out firm could give you some ideas on how best to utilise the space, and purchasing some new furniture is bound to inject some life back into the building.


Set targets

Giving your employees targets to hit will help keep them focused and motivated throughout the day. Further to this, measurable goals are also a great way to track progress, allowing you to properly assess your employees’ achievements.



 A typical working week in an office can often be repetitive if you’re doing the same thing day in, day out, so why not introduce a bit of fun with an incentive scheme? Rewarding colleagues for good work is a surefire way to ensure it continues, and encouraging a bit of competition around the office is bound to increase employee engagement.


Power hours

Introducing a daily power hour is a great way to ensure more gets done in less time, and it will push your employees to achieve (or surpass) their targets. It’s easy to fall into a bit of a post-lunch slump towards the end of the day, so it’s preferable to have afternoon power hours to boost productivity when it’s most needed.

Rely on the best office technology

Whether you’d like cloud computing or telephone services, SpecTronics can provide business IT support to help boost productivity in your office. As a Wimbledon based company, we offer our services across South-West London. After installing your new systems, we’ll be able to take you through the various features, ensuring you’re getting the best out of this new technology.

To find out more about how we can help your business, contact us today and make your business boom with SpecTronics. Alternatively feel free to give us a call on 03333 444 110 or drop us an email



Posted by Ben Spector on 03-Mar-2019 17:15:06
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