Four reasons why your business should upgrade to Windows 10 now


The clock is ticking! Microsoft has announced that its End of Life support for Windows 7, including all technical assistance, security updates, software updates, new features and fixes, will end on 14 January 2020.

If you’ve so far resisted upgrading your business PCs from Windows 7 to Windows 10, here are four reasons why now is the time stop procrastinating and take action.

1. Security: Windows 10 will help you to keep your business safe

If you’re still running Windows 7 after 14 January next year, you’ll no longer receive crucial security updates from Microsoft. This means it will be easier for cyber criminals to target Windows 7 machines and your business will be especially vulnerable to hacks, malware, viruses and other potential future security flaws.

2. Compatibility: Windows 10 will ensure the software and programmes your business depends on continue to work well together

All software manufacturers develop, update and improve their products over time. Their latest updates will be designed to work best alongside Windows 10. However, if you continue to use Windows 7 after the 14 January 2020 End of Life date, you may experience problems with the performance of the software you use to run your business on a daily basis. So, to ensure your overarching IT infrastructure, including all your existing programmes and software, continue to function correctly with no incompatibility issues, we recommend you upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible.

3. Performance: Windows 10 is more reliable than Windows 7 and provides a smoother user experience

A good example of how Windows 10 out-performs Windows 7 is multi-tasking. If you’re a regular user of Windows 7 you’ll know only too well that attempts to multi-task, with several applications open simultaneously, can frequently result in crashes and loss of data. In contrast, you are very unlikely to experience these types of issues with Windows 10.

4. Management: Windows 10 has new features that can help you to improve performance and increase productivity

One of the best is the introduction of Virtual Desktops, which allows you to create multiple, separate desktops, each displaying different open windows and applications. Windows 7 users will find this feature really useful: it declutters the workspace and helps you to remain focussed on the task in hand.

If your business is still using Windows 7, it is time to upgrade! We strongly recommend you take action before the End of Life date, 14 January 2020, when all support for this operating system will end.

SpectTronics can help you upgrade quickly and cost-effectively. We’ll make sure you get the best advice for your specific business.

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