How Does Office 365 Help with Digital Transformation?


Previously we have covered what digital transformation is and why companies are perusing it. This week we will be exploring how Office 365 helps with Digital Transformation. Over the years, Office 365 has gain tremendous popularity as it is proven to have improved efficiency and flexibility in a business’s workforce and is providing a more streamlined approach to business processes with its ability to integrate with current systems.

Real-Time Collaboration

The Office 365 Suite enables a business’s workforce to be more efficient with enhanced mobility. OneDrive makes real-time collaboration possible across all Office applications thus making working together with the team digitally easier than ever before across a variety of devices including tablets and mobile phones. This resolves a lot of intricate issues a business face when collaborating without digitalisation and would allow a noticeable growth in productivity making Office 365’s ability to digitally transform a business clear.

Consolidation of Core Systems

Another benefit of Office 365 is its ability to consolidate Email, Files, Contacts and Calendars. Having these 4 key features consolidated makes the business more organised as a whole, thus minimising human error and enabling better management. Office 365 businesses have access to a centrally shared contacts list making it easy to grow an already existing database, so each employee doesn’t have to continually re-add business contacts individually to avoid unnecessary repetition. Moreover, being able to have a shared calendar between employees makes it easier for the business to keep tabs on important daily events together which contributes to enhanced clarity of business activities on a daily basis which means the business as a whole would have better understanding of its activities.


Digital transformation has shaped the modern way of working in a way that whenever a business asks the question - How do we better our workforce? they are essentially asking how can we digitalise it. This is because digitalisation is at the heart of advancement for businesses and Office 365 takes you to the leading edge of it with its constant innovation and utilisation of cloud technology. Office 365 simplifies digitalisation for businesses that are not tech savvy but wishes to stay modern and relatable to most common business practices.


Before Office 365, onboarding a new employee was a more tedious process as for each employee you would have multiple systems to configure. Office 365 reduces the amount of core systems that would need configuring because of its ability to consolidate them. Moreover, Office 365 facilitates a business’s growth by making dealing with additional workload easier than ever! Whenever a business grows and takes on more employee’s, all that is done is that the relevant license to the users account is added to provide them with the same services as other employees thus making business scalability seamless. This also means that resources of other employees wouldn’t be used and each employee will have their own individual resources. For example, with office 365 each employee will have their own OneDrive space allocated to them.

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