How Will Windows 7 End of Life Impact your Business?

Posted by Joytan Fernandes on 07-Oct-2019 12:11:17
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Is it time for your business to upgrade from Windows 7? Its End of Life Support is right around the corner (January 14th, 2020) and this means you will no longer receive support with Windows 7 from Microsoft and this includes technical support. You will also no longer receive any new features.

More recent versions of Windows are generally better at Performance and Management


Your business will be more vulnerable to security risks than on more recent versions of Windows as you will no longer receive crucial security updates. It will be easier for cyber criminals to target Windows 7 machines which is also why Microsoft has recognised the importance to inform their customer-base so you are more aware of the risks you will be taking by staying on Window 7. When Microsoft announced months before Windows XP end of life date which was on April 8th 2014, 26% of users stayed using Windows XP. 100% of these users were left vulnerable which lead to an increase of cybercrime. The WannaCry ransomware attack that started in May 2017, targeted Windows Operating Systems to encrypt data to blackmail users by demanding payments in Bitcoin. It was then discovered that one of the reasons a large portion of users were vulnerable to this attack was because they were still using Windows XP so were not able to receive the most recent security updates the newer versions of Windows where using and was left without having the required protection needed to prevent the attack.


You may also find that some of the programs your business is currently dependant on are becoming less and less compatible with Windows 7 because as they grow you may not be able to utilise their newer updates and/or newly innovated features which would’ve been better designed for the more leading edge version of Windows (Windows 10) and more recent versions (Windows 8 and 8.1). Upgrading away from Windows 7 will ensure continuity of business’s dependency on digitalisation as you would continue to be within Microsoft’s radar so can be assured to receive the latest updates for Windows and security.

More recent versions of Windows are generally better at Performance and Management

In more recent versions of Windows like Windows 10, performing certain tasks is noticeably easier as its smoother and more reliable. A good example is multitasking. Windows 10 can easily work side by side without almost any hiccups whereas Windows 7 does with occasional stutters and a higher risk of applications crashing which can cause data loss.

Moreover, latest versions of Windows have more features than Windows 7 that allows for better management. For example, Windows 10 has the multiple Virtual Desktops feature integrated within it to segregate your work if required to have a more focused environment to work in. Current businesses using Windows 7 will find this feature beneficial as it helps declutter the workspace as having everything on one desktop when you only have one monitor can lead to confusion.

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