Need an IT Helpdesk in Wimbledon?



Need an IT Helpdesk in Wimbledon?

How You Can Help Minimise IT Downtime for Your South London Business


When you start your day at work, you want to make it as productive as possible, and leave work knowing that you’ve achieved something. However, there are always things that can get in the way, from a side project to an important meeting, and many of these things are unavoidable. But one problem that you can minimise the chances of is suffering from downtime due to IT issues. IT system issues always seem to happen at the most inconvenient of times, and for the small and medium companies of South London, they can be particularly trying, as they may not have an IT expert on site to help them out. So, here are a few tips to minimise your chances of downtime, and how you can recover quicker.

Get support in place – before an issue occurs

IT support is often one of those things businesses don’t want to pay for, until there’s a big emergency and they need serious help. However, it’s vital to look for IT support companies before you have a system failure, as not only will the support be in place, but the IT team will already know a bit about your company, making it easier for them to resolve issues. Use a local company if possible, in case you need on-site support, as you don’t want your expert to be stuck in London traffic when something important goes down.

Invest in maintenance

We often don’t think about our IT equipment much, until it starts to go wrong, and then we realise how much we rely on it. That’s why you should find IT services providers who’ll carry out regular maintenance and checks to help avoid downtime, and this could include:

  • Installing updates
  • Upgrading older hardware
  • Data backups
  • Putting a recovery plan in place
  • Ensuring you have the right equipment to do your job

While you may be thinking about the cost of these services, it’s worth weighing up the cost of regular maintenance versus the cost of lost business from downtime, or the bad publicity that can come from something like a data breach. You’ll soon realise that it’s better to invest in prevention rather than just a cure.

Remote monitoring and support

While some IT issues are unavoidable, some potential problems can be spotted in advance. Companies looking for an IT services provider should consider choosing one that provides remote monitoring, as many potential disruptions can be spotted in advance, and therefore the repairs can start to be implemented so much sooner. This can really help minimise your downtime, helping with continuity of service. It also avoids that panic when you get alerts that your server has gone down, or a system has malfunctioned, as you can be sure someone is already on the case.

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