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3 Things to Do Before the Cloud Goes Down

14-Mar-2016 12:47:19 / by Ben Spector

When building cloud-based business processes, remember that you cannot completely rely on the cloud. At some point, your cloud services will go down. However, if you plan for a cloud outage before it occurs, you can lessen the disruption to your business.

Here are three things you can do to protect your business before the cloud goes down.

  1. Make sure employees have software options that are not cloud-based. This way, they can perform essential functions even if the cloud is down. For example, back up files to a local networked drive or jot down notes in a traditional ledger. These options aren't always possible for complex services. Yet, local backups are often enough for many companies to survive short-term cloud outages.
  2. Have a fallback or secondary cloud that can take over if the primary fails. If your cloud services handle mission-critical processes or information that can't be locally backed up, this option is essential.
  3. Train employees on disaster mitigation plans. Keep any guides and training materials related to the process you now host in the cloud that pre-date the move to a cloud solution.

While cloud service providers have made our lives easier, risks remain. The biggest risk is that businesses may rely too heavily on the cloud and believe it replaces, rather than supplements, existing systems. However, with the common sense methods above, a cloud outage will not be any worse for your business than a power outage. In fact, it could be far less worse: at least the coffee machine still works without the cloud.

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Ben Spector

Written by Ben Spector

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