7 great reasons to outsource your IT support


We believe that outsourcing to a managed IT services provider for your business makes much more sense than trying to run systems in house, and we wouldn’t be in this game if we didn’t. Here are just a few of the reasons why you’ll find working in partnership with experts better than you would be employing your own IT specialist.

1. Lower costs than in house

In house IT support might seem like the cost effective option, but as well as a potentially large salary to pay, you’ll need to invest in recruitment, ongoing training to keep your employee up to speed, and will still face problems when they are off sick or on holiday. Outsourcing means you can use on demand services or enter into an affordable contract to keep your IT support costs down.

2. Improve business efficiency

Experts in managed IT support have the ability to view your business from an external position, and to see potential improvements in efficiencies and processes which you might have missed. With a good overview of the latest technologies and software, professional IT support providers like Spectronics are often able to suggest wise investments which will have a positive impact on your bottom line.

3. Rapid adoption of new technologies

Should you upgrade to Windows 10? Is there a better project management tool for your business? And what about migrating to the Cloud? The world of technology moves at a rapid pace, and trying to figure out where to make changes can be a minefield for any lay person. Let experts help you decide what to change and when, and enjoy the ongoing support you and your staff will receive as you adopt the latest and most appropriate technologies for your business

4. Stronger security

Cybercrime is a fast growing problem for all businesses, and was estimated to have increased by around 78 per cent in 2013. Protecting your all aspects of your systems from attack is crucial for any modern business, and with the support of a professional IT company you’ll be able to review your current security and make improvements that would otherwise be unfeasible with a small in-house team.

5. Reduced risk

Risk management in any business is tough, and when it comes to IT systems it can seem impossible to mitigate every issue. Working in partnership with a company like SpecTronics UK means you can reduce the number of problems and their effect on your business, and can levy the support of professionals if the worst does happen.

6. Leaves you to do what you do best

Most important of all, using an outsourced IT company means you and your team can simply get on with doing your job. No matter what type of business you are operating, becoming an IT expert was never part of the plan, so leave the hard work to the experts and focus on building your business instead.

Contact SpecTronics for a free IT Health Check and to discuss how we can work with you in the future. We understand that every business is different, which is why we tailor all our ongoing support packages to each client, aiming to satisfy both your budget and needs.

Posted by Ben Spector on 03-Sep-2019 11:30:00
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