VoIP Phone Systems for Business in London. What is a VoIP Phone Service

VoIP Phone Systems for Business in London. What is a VoIP Phone Service

Busting 3 Top Myths about VoIP!


Hosted telephony, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), has received a good deal of bad press in the past, largely due to badly designed systems or those based on internet connections incapable of supporting the technology. As they say, mud sticks, so many businesses are still convinced that VoIP offers nothing meaningful for them, or they are simply nervous about adopting this solution for their communication needs.

However, we know VoIP offers so much to businesses of all shapes and sizes, and is the perfect solution for a growing business looking for an affordable, scalable solution to its communications needs. As supporters of hosted telephony, we thought it was about time to confront some of the most common misconceptions and myths about VoIP, once and for all.

Myth 1 – VoIP solutions offer poor quality voice calls

As with many of the misconceptions about VoIP, this one has held on since the early days of the technology, back in the 1990’s. Think back to what you were doing on the internet in the 90’s, and compare it to today. Nowadays we expect to download movies, video call our friends and access ten or more web pages in the time it would have taken to load just one back then.

Because VoIP relies on a stable and powerful internet connection, the reliability of the service has improved as infrastructure was improved. These days, many businesses and homes have fibre optic broadband services, some of which offer download speeds of as much as 80 Mbps, according to an ISP Review. The improved stability and capacity of internet connections has made VoIP a high quality, reliable service in most parts of the UK, with users enjoying crisp, clear voice calls at a much lower cost.

Myth 2 – VoIP is an insecure technology

Peoples general wariness of the internet has given birth to this rather dated misconception about VoIP, presuming that voice calls made through ancient copper wires are less likely to be tapped into than those made via the World Wide Web.

Busting this myth really doesn’t take a great deal of explaining. Consider what we do online today, and how we use the internet. Most people do online banking, and transfer all kinds of sensitive information via email and instant message, so why should our voice calls be any less safe? Millions has been invested into firewalls, encryption and redundancy for VoIP technology, and even the Ministry of Defence have a VoIP system, demonstrating that security of VoIP is not a valid concern.

Myth 3 – You only save if you’re calling other VoIP numbers

Although services like Skype have popularised the VoIP technology, this is not the only way to do things. Most VoIP providers offer free calls between VoIP numbers, even if the other user is in another country, making it ideal for businesses with multiple sites. However, as well as this VoIP users are able to call regular landlines and mobiles at a fraction of the cost, with many users reporting up to a 60 per cent saving over their traditional phone systems.

And it’s not just calls where you make a saving either. Consider a traditional business telephone system, where you will have to pay for an expensive switchboard, handsets and infrastructure cabling before you can even get started. With VoIP, the main set up cost is the handset itself, and as long as you have an internet connection you can simply plug in and start using. As your business grows, so does the system, with no need to upgrade a switchboard or install ISDN lines to accommodate more extensions.

The ongoing costs of using VoIP are highly competitive in comparison to a traditional business telephony solution. Hosted VoIP from SpecTronics are available from just £1.20 per user, per month, and come with our expert onsite or remote support for your peace of mind.

SpecTronics know that VoIP offers a range of incredible benefits for businesses of all shapes and sizes, in fact you can read some of them on our website here. If you aren’t sure whether you are ready to adopt VoIP for your business, why not take a free trial of our hosted VoIP service to see how it can work for you.

Want to chat more about Cloud Telecoms and the benefits of hosted VoIP? Schedule a call with our Telecoms expert.

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