Four Ways to Enhance Your Business's Data Security

As more and more businesses in Wimbledon migrate to the online world to take advantage of e-commerce, the number of cyber criminals increases. Hackers want to access your data for all sorts of reasons, from individuals looking to drain your bank account to companies trying to steal your clients. If you want to keep your business safe, you need to protect your data and don't underestimate what people will do to penetrate your system.

Unfortunately, ensuring 100 percent data security is next to impossible for the less tech-savvy company owners among us, which is why we recommend searching for reputable IT support companies in Wimbledon, London.

At SpecTronics UK, we know first-hand how devastating the consequences of data theft can be for Wimbledon businesses, but you can minimise the threat by utilising our IT services. Thanks to our convenient location, we're fast becoming the most trusted IT services providers in areas including Collier's Wood and Mitcham.

Below, we explain how SME companies in Wimbledon and beyond can take steps to enhance data security.

  • Install a Firewall

Any website in the e-commerce field faces threats from hackers, who look for cracks in your system's security to steal your data. Two of the most popular ways to penetrate your system include SQL attacks and Cross Site Scripting, which is where a firewall comes in handy. Firewalls minimise the number of vulnerabilities in your system, denying access to hackers who wish to loot your virtual belongings.

  • Multi-Layered Protection

If you wanted to make your property as secure as possible, you'd likely install multiple fences, gates, hedges and security systems to keep criminals out, so if you want to keep your data secure, you should adopt a similar multi-layered approach. First, you need to create passwords that are impossible to guess, but you should also have secondary codes and information requests just in case somebody manages to crack them.

  • Professional Protection

Seasoned hackers might still be able to access your data regardless of your firewalls and complex passwords, which is why it's wise to search for reputable IT support companies in your area. Our experts know how to utilise the most robust security systems to keep your data protected, and we also monitor your systems closely to seal cracks as soon as they become apparent.

  • Find a Trusted Cloud Services Provider

It's important to back up your data so that should anything go wrong with your system, you can get the data back quickly and minimise the disruption to your business. However, it's crucial to search for IT services providers carefully because the last thing you need is cracks in their system to be responsible for the theft of your data.

Trust the Professionals at SpecTronics UK

Thanks to our years of experience and knowledge of the most comprehensive data security systems available, we're the go-to company for IT support services in Wimbledon and surrounding areas including Morden, Earlsfield and Mitcham. Contact us today on 03333 444 110 to learn more about data security, and one of our experts, located at 8 Lombard Road, Wimbledon, SW19 3TZ, will be delighted to provide further details.




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