Ho-ho-hosted Telephony: A Case Study

Hosted telephony, referred to commonly as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), offers a wide range of benefits in terms of flexibility. VoIP is a scalable technology that delivers reliable, high quality audio over the internet. VoIP infrastructure is easily adaptable for modern offices, allowing an extension to be used at home, or via wireless handsets on a factory floor as well as traditional desk phones in a centralised office complex. One of our clients has kindly agreed to let us use him as a case study for the benefits of VoIP.

Key stats:

  • Name: Santa Claus
  • Location: North Pole, and a factory in China
  • Age: Unknown. ~2000yrs
  • User type: Business – heavy usage


Joe: Good afternoon Mr Claus, thank you for taking the time to discuss your VoIP setup with us. Tell us, why is it that you considered upgrading to VoIP over your traditional landline setup?

Santa: Thank you Joe, it’s a pleasure to be here. Unfortunately the tale of how I came to require VoIP is a sad one although, since then, I have been thrilled that I upgraded.

When the recession hit, it put enormous pressures on my factory in the North Pole. I took the business decision to outsource my assembly operations to a factory in China. The Elf Union was not pleased about this but it was a necessary move to keep the holiday season going.

Joe: That’s interesting. I understand that brand image is an important value for you and your business. How was VoIP able to maintain your reputation?

Santa: My business is highly dependent on the traditions built up around my operations, from my signature red uniform to my historical presence in the North Pole – it was very important for me that we continued to be seen to be based here. To this effect, SpecTronics provided me with North Pole geographic numbers for all of my subsidiary businesses, even the one in China. This way my clients can call our factory in Asia, on (726) 8240 4040 (stylised as SANTA HO HO HO), and think they are dialling the North Pole. Ideal!

Joe: That’s good to hear. Tell me about how you’ve found the VoIP infrastructure to be suited for your business?

Santa: Now that the main operations are based in Asia, I have semi-retired and work from home so I can spend more time with Mrs Claus. VoIP allowed me to have an extension in my home office so my plant manager in China can contact me at any time and my VIP clients can contact me through our head-office number, ignorant to the fact that I’m actually at home! My manager uses a cordless handset, as his job necessitates that he be on the factory floor for a large portion of his day but still needs to be contactable. No matter where he is, I can rely on our VoIP system to ensure we remain in constant communication.

Joe: I’m sure Mrs Claus is pleased to see more of you. Could you deSantarise the benefits of SpecTronics’ VoIP system with regards to your client base?

Santa: Of course. Without wanting to seem a bit immodest, I have quite an extensive following globally. Previously on my landline contract I would spend a fortune each year calling overseas numbers. It goes without saying my old service provider will be getting a lump of coal this Christmas. Not only do standard calls cost less over VoIP, but international ones too. SpecTronics fitted me out with a comprehensive international bundle including 20,000 minutes a month.

Joe: Well Mr Claus, thank you so much for your time. One last question though: has SpecTronics UK been naughty or nice this year?

Santa: Ho! Ho! Ho! Very nice indeed! Although I see you’re trying to compete with me with the addition of your new shop…

Posted by Ben Spector on 17-Dec-2013 12:03:16
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