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Hosted VoIP brings all the benefits of the cloud to your law firm

08-Oct-2013 14:20:22 / by Ben Spector

The legal landscape is rapidly changing. Changes to legislation are affecting the legal sector, forcing cuts to services on top of the economic pressures of the age. Law firms are facing an expansive range of operational, financial and strategic issues.

Continuous communications are a necessity in the legal arena, whether by email, phone or using collaboration tools such as HD video conferencing, so that lawyers can discuss matters with their partners or with their clients. Moreover, with many people in the sector travelling for work or taking devices containing sensitive materials out of the office, maintaining secure communication is essential.

Traditionally, telephones are run through an on-site Private Branch Exchange (PBX), which connect to all the phones in the office and to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), allowing calls to be made. PBXs require an on-site specialist to install and maintain. The PBX also require an analogue line to connect with the wider world.

The advent of the digital era has meant that firms now have two lines to their offices, one for phones and one for the internet. Cloud telephony or Voice over IP (VoIP) means that companies can do away with the analogue ISDN line, paying for just one line instead of paying double. The costs of buying and maintaining a PBX is eliminated and in the event of any issues, calls can automatically be rerouted to mobile devices with no effort.

By switching to Hosted VoIP and ditching legacy PBX systems, you can save money and maintain security. A VoIP service offers enhanced efficiency generating features such as top ten number analysis, call monitoring and call recording. In addition, a hosted VoIP solution gives firms the ability to utilise the move to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) by using an app which turns your mobile phone into a soft phone, which means you have all the features of your office phone on your iOS or Android handset.

For people working in the legal sector, one of the best features of VoIP is voicemail to mobile. It’s just one point of contact for clients, and it means that lawyers can be available 24/7 to listen, chat and advise.

Make sure that you choose a VoIP provider who offers excellent SLAs and has a good record of uptime to ensure that you get the best carrier-grade calls from your hosted VoIP solution.

Image credit: FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA/AFP/Getty Images

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Ben Spector

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