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VoIP services, London. Hosted VoIP – It’s the Host Phone with the Most Phone!

When it comes to telephone systems, gone are the days of a single network from a monopolised company. Power is definitely in the hands of the purchaser – you can decide exactly what you want and how and where you want it. But what are your options, and what’s the point in having all that choice if it’s all too complicated to figure out?

First off, you don’t even have to buy all the equipment. Telephony systems (what’s wrong with just ‘telephone systems’? What’s phony about them?) improve all the time and, like a contract mobile phone, it often works out much cheaper to lease the bits and pieces so that they stay somebody else’s responsibility. If you’ve got someone employed at your company that looks after all of this then fair enough, but if not then why give yourself the grief?

VoiP is the not-very-attractive-sounding telephony system that uses the Internet to process calls. And because the calls go over the web, it’s incredibly cheap to run, especially now that high-speed broadband is accessible throughout the country.

Hosted VoIP (it stands for Voice over Internet Protocol) takes the idea one step further and links a company’s complete phone system through the Internet. All of the internal calls between your employees are free.
Calls between employees free? It may not appear to be a big deal, but over 12 months the savings can be impressive. And with more employees working remotely, it’s good to know that calls are crystal clear and colleagues can be contacted with a four-digit internal number. Homeworkers and office bodies all appear the same to the outside world, so your customers won’t know if you’re answering them from head office or in the bath.

For the central office, the benefits are that there’s no bulky equipment because it’s a software-based system and the hardware is the host’s business, not yours. Software updates take place at night so you have very little downtime and the system is entirely portable – if you’re moving offices just unplug the internet connection and plug back in at the new venue. There’s even an iPhone app so that you can make roaming calls through the same, free system. Remember the last time you checked your sales team’s hotel or mobile phone bill and cancelled the Christmas lunch in order to pay for it!? Not anymore.

A hosted VoIP system can be charged in the same way that your contract phone bill is worked out, porting your old phone number is easy and there’s the added plus factor that you can design your own system online. Even mobile contracts aren't this flexible.

Hosted VoIP has the benefits over traditional phone systems in that it’s flexible, inexpensive, adaptable and lightweight. Have a chat with us today about how VoIP can enhance your business operations making you more productive and saving you money! Schedule a call back or drop us a line on 03333

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Whitepaper: VoIP, Future Telecommunications

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