How outsourcing IT support can add value to your business

Posted by Olivier Butler on 04-May-2014 09:42:18

Many companies choose to outsource their IT support simply for the simplicity of the solution. But did you know that outsourcing to a professional business IT support service can also add value to your business? They say you have to spend money to make money, and outstanding IT services are one area in which your investment can actually have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Outsourcing will allow you to focus on your core competencies

Every type of business in the modern marketplace needs to use IT. However, business owners can’t afford to be experts in IT, nor should they have to worry about keeping up to speed with the latest developments. By outsourcing IT support to professional experts, management time is freed up to work on their own business and focus on their core competencies instead of trying to learn something which is irrelevant to their business.

Improve efficiencies in the business

The rapid development of new software and hardware means it’s practically impossible for those outside of the industry to keep up with the changes. This often means businesses are sticking with their familiar systems and processes, when there might be an app, a tool or a programme that can make it all much easier.

Industry professionals like SpecTronics UK work hard to keep abreast of new technologies as they are released, meaning we can often present our clients with a more efficient, more accurate and less time consuming way of doing thing. In the long run this will save them money, and to find out if you could too, our free IT health check is a good first step to take.

Help protect your business from losses

Business losses can come in many shapes and forms. Years ago most losses would have been through physical removal of business property or money, but in these modern times the vast majority of business losses happen electronically. This doesn’t always mean money either, in fact many businesses suffer painful losses of data, intelligence, company records or customer details as a result of inadequate virus protection, out of date firewalls or other IT related issues.

Our free IT health check for businesses can flag up areas where your business security may be underperforming. The report will give you a crucial heads up, giving you the opportunity to make improvements before your business becomes the victim of a costly cyber-attack.

Keep tight control of IT costs

Having someone available to fix IT problems is no long an option, but an essential part of any modern business. Losing a day or two of business because your server has packed up is just too much to risk, so almost every business in the UK will either have an IT support company or an in house employee available to maintain and troubleshoot their systems.

Employing a member of staff can be very costly, particularly when you take into account the fact you have to pay them whether there is crucial work to be done or not. Add in their paid holidays, sick leave and national insurance costs, and employing someone looks less and less attractive. One of the big bonuses with using a company like Spectronics is the flexible, tailored packages we offer.

Avoid losing business because of a problem

Clever business owners have already figured out that getting an IT support contract in place after a problem has already occurred is a bit like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. If your business relationships, clients or customers are affected because of an IT issue, your reputation will already have been damaged.

Finding the right IT support company for your business and getting them engaged early on is a good preventative measure to take. Professional IT experts can often spot a potential problem before it happens, and if they don’t at least they will be adequately familiarised with your systems and processes to get to work straight away.

Talk to us today about your IT support requirements, or take advantage of our free business technology heath check offer to discover for yourself how valuable expert IT support really is.

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