How to find the ideal IT support company for your marketing business

Marketing businesses rely on digital communications for a whole range of day to day activities. For a busy marketing agency, IT downtime is just not acceptable, and could lead to painful business losses if they fail to deliver services as a result. For any business in the marketing industry, maintaining robust network communications as well as keeping data safe and secure should be a top priority, and something for which they seek the professionals’ input.

Of course, there are no shortages of IT support companies out there; in fact a quick Google search will render hundreds of pages of potential results. This can make it tough for business owners to figure out who offers the best IT support service for their needs and could lead to a selection which does not fit well with their organisational needs. We’ve put together a list of some of the most important factors to consider when searching for a new IT support provider for your marketing company, which we hope will help you make your decision.

Experience counts for everything

Going for a company that has a proven track record of doing what they do is a no brainer. You can check how long a company has been in business through Companies House, or by asking the company directly. As well as longevity, the IT support company should be able to demonstrate their customer satisfaction levels through testimonials and reports, and should be happy to put you in touch with other marketing companies they have worked with in the past.

Understanding of your industry

Some IT support companies will be a jack of all trades, whereas others may be very niche. As a marketing company, you should look out for IT support services that have some experience of working with companies like yours. You know the pieces of software that you use most often, as well as the social platforms and online tools you regularly need to access. It is your job to make sure your potential provider is familiar and comfortable with all these before awarding a contract.

Availability of service

Some marketing companies will be strictly nine to five businesses, but others may have requirements to work outside of normal office hours. Even if your business is not open in the evening, you might have remote workers who need to access the server or other reasons to keep your IT running smoothly. Check with the provider what their recorded response times are, and find out how the process works for an emergency call out to find out if they are going to be there when you really need them.

Interest in your business

When you start communicating with an IT support provider about entering into an ongoing contract with them, they should be asking as many questions as you are. In order to work effectively with your systems and processes, they should be keen to undertake an audit of your set up, so they understand your needs inside out. At SpecTronics, we offer a free Business IT Health Check without any obligation to proceed, which includes checking and advising on your infrastructure, hardware, security and software.

Cost comes into it too

Of course you will need to consider cost too, but we’ve put this at the bottom of the list because it should be the last deciding factor when choosing your IT support provider. It is far more important to find the company that offers the right services for your needs than it is to find the company who offers the cheapest, because if your needs are not met, you are paying money for nothing. Our fees for emergency call outs are highly competitive, and if you decide to enter into a longer term support contract with us, we will tailor a package to your needs so you get truly great value for money.

Finding your ideal IT support provider is not a five minute job, but if you make the right decision and find the perfect company for your needs, your business will benefit from better support and less downtime in the future. Talk to us today about how we can help your marketing business work efficiently, safely and reliably.

Posted by Ben Spector on 31-Jan-2018 10:00:03
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