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How to Launch a Games Console That Nobody Wants, Crack into an Android Phone and Record Phone Calls, All before Breakfast

11-Mar-2013 15:12:35 / by Declan Hill

Security issues abound for Android users now that it’s been proven that freezing the device will reveal sensitive data. Apparently the ‘problem’ was that the encryption device on an Android 4 phone was ‘too good’ and meant that it was a nightmare for crackers to get into. But it was also a pain for forensic workers and law enforcement officers to be able to get in and find vital evidence and clues which could lead to arrests, prosecutions and internments. And those really helpful News of the World journalists are never around when you want them.

FROSTSo a team of researchers from Friedrich-Alexander University in Germany have developed some software which, when applied to an Android 4 device at -10 degrees and after a bit of jiggery-pokery, can access contact lists, visited web pages and photos. They’ve even called it FROST – Forensic Recovery of Scrambled Telephones.

This may now sound like a red rag to the world of criminality and that if your phone is stolen it’s just an hour in an ice bucket away from being broken into, but the researchers are now working on solving the ‘problem’ they’ve created by separating the encryption keys from the memory chips. It’s really a case of finding a weakness in the system and then using it to strengthen the device’s overall security.

Houston, Wii Have A Problem

When developing a new piece of hardware, it’s usually good practice to make sure there’s some software to upload on it because the two things kinda go together. The video boom in the early 1980s happened because the price of the hardware came down and the machines turned into an ‘invisible’ device which was there to play rubbish sci-fi and horror films and box sets of Lovejoy, which is what we really wanted.

The trouble with the development of game boxes is that the relationship with the software is different. Videos meant that we could have films on demand in our own home, something that hadn’t happened before on a mass scale. Inventing a new game box means that the buzz is about the hardware, not the software, but without any new software, you can’t show off the hardware.

So are we now just bringing out new game boxes for the sake of it, because it’s expected? Nintendo’s Wii U sold 3 million units over the Christmas period but since then demand has, as you would expect, dropped off. The worrying thing for both Nintendo and Wii U users is that only 4.6% of games developers are considering making games for the platform compared to 11% for the Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation. The Wii’s cornerstone market was the Wii Sports, Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus which made exercise accessible for those who didn’t want to go to the gym, and they'd be better off claiming and developing this area rather than trying to compete with its more successful rivals.

Recorded for Framing Purposes

Disgraced MP Chris Huhne’s public humiliation this week was complete and has been made even more embarrassing due to a phone call that was recorded between him and his soon-to-be ex-wife Vicky Pryce. It’s true that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, that there’s another, bigger, scarier plane of hell full of Greek and other Mediterranean women scorned, and that Chris Huhne’s political career along with the rest of the Lib Dems is pretty much over. What’s also interesting is that the phone conversation was recorded and was then used in evidence against her. So, for those of you thinking of divorcing your beloved, how easy is it to record a phone conversation, and what equipment or services are available?

The question seems mainly to be between hardware or software. At one end of the market you can buy adaptors that plug into your landline or, if you’re checking up on your staff or want to spy on a client or competitor in an entirely illegal manner, there are tiny phone taps that you can add to your and their phone equipment. At the other end of the scale is local software like this one from Retell so that your phone system can be upgraded and all the workings are done internally or cloud-based software that Synety provide so that the system is all done on the web. For the best options available, give those awfully nice people at SpecTronics a ring and see what they can do for you.

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