Is outsourcing IT support the right choice for your business?


With networks to maintain, data to protect, problems to troubleshoot and all the other time consuming effort that goes into keeping information technology running smoothly, having an expert on board to tackle day to day problems is essential.

If you were a decision maker for a busy company, your first thought might be to hire an in house technician for daily maintenance. However, the cost effectiveness and efficiency of this will depend on the nature and size of your company, and in many cases outsourcing to a proficient IT Support Company is a better solution.


IT support is kept in house

  • The pros

-          Instant access: By keeping your tech support in house, you’ll be able to grab them whenever you need them. You won’t be competing with other clients for their attention.

-          Control over costs: With a full time employee, the expense to your business will stay the same every month, no matter what work they have done for you. This makes things easier from a budgeting and forecasting perspective.


  • The cons

-          Higher cost: Employing anyone in your business comes at a much higher cost than the salary alone. As well as paying their wages, you need to consider the cost of NI contributions, their desk, phone, equipment, pension and all the administrative and payroll support that will be required.

-          No flexibility: Unless you are a particularly large business with lots happening on the IT front every day, there is a chance your full time IT person will spend at least part of their day twiddling their thumbs or undertaking low priority tasks just so they look busy. On the other hand, they may be unable to cope with the workload on a busy day.

-          Limited expertise: An IT support individual might be great at fixing the printer or updating the server, but is one person likely to have the expertise to tackle all the technology problems a business could encounter?


IT support is outsourced

  • The pros

-          Less expense: Overall, outsourcing IT support tends to work out less expensive than having an employed expert on your team. Costs such as overheads and administrative support are spread between many clients, enabling IT support companies like SpecTronics UK to stay competitive.

-          24/7 help: We offer 24 hour support via our chat service and round the clock phone lines, so whenever you have a problem you can get the advice you need. It’s unlikely you will get a very warm reception from your employed IT technician if you call them up at 3am!

-          Flawless cover all year round: With an IT support company, there is always someone on hand to help. An employee may go off sick, leave the company or, heaven forbid, want to book some annual leave.

-          Expert knowledge: An IT support company is only as good as its current level of knowledge, and that’s why companies like ours work hard to keep up to date with training and certification. This upkeep is hard to manage, and very expensive for you to handle in-house.

-          Added value: IT support companies can afford to go the extra mile for their customers, and want to ensure every customer has a flawless experience. At Spectronics we offer a whole range of added value services, starting with our Free IT Health Check which is available to all customers.


  • The cons

-          Language barriers and cultural differences: With many IT companies offering remote support from other countries very cheaply, it can be tempting to shop abroad for your UK business support. However, the time differences, language barriers and cultural nuances can cause more problems than the small saving is worth.

-          Not part of your business: With in house expertise, it is easy to break them into the culture and ethics of your business. With an outsourced service it is not so simple. At SpecTronics UK we welcome getting to know your business better, and we ensure each client, big or small, has an account manager to maintain a personal relationship.

The conclusion

For many UK businesses, particularly those in the small to medium sector, outsourcing offers far more value for money and worthwhile expertise than you could ever hope to achieve in house. Talk to us about tour bespoke IT support packages for businesses and see for yourself how economical our expert support in particular can be.

To read more, download our free whitepaper 7 Great Reasons to Outsource your IT

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Posted by Ben Spector on 17-Jun-2014 09:27:32
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