Start As You Mean To Continue – Part 2 – Phone Numbers

Following on from part one, where we discussed business email addresses, in part two we discover why choosing the right business telecoms system is crucial, and why using your mobile for business calls could be causing irreparable damage to your reputation.

Why can’t I just use my mobile phone?

Even if you are a self-employed trader, using your mobile phone as your main contact number for your business looks unprofessional. In fact, even if you have a landline, and you have a mobile number alongside it that can look amateurish.

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Having a mobile phone as your main contact source suggests you are a small business that does not take what they do seriously. Furthermore, and most importantly, it suggests that you may not have a fixed office, which is something that many clients will see as imperative if they choose to do business with you. Even if you work from home, and you have a small business telecoms system in place, this looks much more professional. In fact, even offering your home number, while not ideal, is a better option than a mobile. That said, can you imagine your 7 year old daughter answering to your biggest client, “helloooooo?”, with a giggle?!

Businesses do not like making calls from their landline to a mobile for several reasons. For a start, these calls are still much more expensive. Furthermore, regardless of the developments that have been made in mobile technology, calls are often interrupted due to signal issues, which can be frustrating to say the least.

Why Hosted VoIP could be the answer

Internet based telephone services for businesses are the way forward. Getting one set up is simple, cost-effective (in the long term), and does not take very long. At SpecTronics, we offer a fantastic Hosted VoIP service starting from just £7.20 a month for a single user. Even if you do have a business telecoms system in place, transferring your existing number is not an issue because we do it all for you.

In the long term Hosted VoIP can significantly reduce the cost of your calls. In fact, VoIP to VoIP calls are free, so as more businesses make the change the service becomes even more cost-effective. At SpecTronics, we provide you with a geographic number regardless of your location. Furthermore, we only offer the highest quality connection, so your call will sound better than it would from a traditional landline, even if you are out of your office. You can even divert your number to one (or more) mobiles.

Having the right business telecoms system in place is crucial if you want to be taken seriously. Do not make the assumption that because there are other similar-sized companies in your field using a mobile number as their main number that you can do it as well. In reality, it does not matter if only one person ignores a business because they use this number this is business you cannot afford to lose. Therefore, make sure you use SpecTronics to set you up as you mean to continue.

In part three of this miniseries, we will look at why using “free website builders” is an expensive option in the long-run.

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