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Truly amazing customer service is easy thanks to Hosted VoIP

24-Jan-2014 23:57:10 / by Ben Spector

Whatever your business specialises in, having excellent customer service is a must. Your customer service is your front line in the battle to gain market share, and is often the only ‘real person’ contact your customers will have with your business. Building connections with customers and engaging their loyalty to your brand all begins when they pick up the phone. Get it wrong and you could be losing business hand over fist.

The first step to exceptional customer service is a dedicated and enthusiastic customer service team, but sometimes capable employees are just not enough. After all, if they can’t pick up the incoming call because they are busy on another line, what choice do they have but to leave the customer waiting?

Thankfully the introduction of hosted telephony, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), has opened the door to even small companies having all the features they need to provide a flawless customer service experience. With low set up costs and the ability to scale up the system as your business grows, you can give your customer the five star treatment when you invest in a hosted VoIP system for your business. Here are just a few of the VoIP customer service features and how they will help you improve your service.

  • Auto attendant: Answering the phone is the first step to pleasing your customer. With VoIP you can ensure there is minimal waiting time experienced by having the call automatically routed to the next available member of staff. Calls can even be routed to other offices, mobile phones and remote workers if necessary, reducing ‘on hold’ time and improving customer experience.
  • Call recording: Delivering great customer service means training up great customer service representatives, something which is made much easier thanks to the call recording function of a hosted VoIP service. You can listen in, have your employees listen to themselves, and work together to build flawless call handling processes for the future.
  • Voicemail to email: Missed an important call? Need to check your voicemail from home? With VoIP you can select to have your voicemail delivered by email, so you can pick them up instantly from wherever you are. This will help you respond more quickly to your customer, demonstrating that you care about their communication and want to help.
  • High quality calls: Hosted VoIP systems deliver crisp, clear sound at both ends of the conversation. Because the service is delivered through the internet, problems with interference, buzzing and other issues often experienced with traditional telephone systems are eliminated. Added to this, the service is hosted remotely, so even if your entire office building is destroyed in a flood, you can simply transfer your incoming calls to another location and continue with business as usual.
  • Call reporting: A major advantage to VoIP systems over traditional systems is that, because the setup is computerised, obtaining reports on the incoming and outgoing calls from the office is just a couple of clicks away. This means you can discover how many calls your business has received, how long it takes to answer the phone and even which of your customer service representatives is handling the most calls. All this insight is valuable data for making improvements to your service, and by combining it with information on marketing activities, you can also see which campaigns are creating the biggest influence on your customer base.

There are many other benefits to using a hosted VoIP service, from cost savings to immense flexibility. If you are considering VoIP, talk to SpecTronics about your options. Switching to VoIP is not as scary as it sounds. For your employees, the only difference they will notice is that the handset they are using changes slightly (and even this isn't always necessary). Hosted VoIP is super easy to use, so there shouldn't be much of a learning curve to tackle, if any at all. Your employees are sure to be delighted with the wide range of new, useful features at their disposal and your customers will benefit from exemplary customer service every time they call.

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Ben Spector

Written by Ben Spector

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