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VoIP Could be a Large Boost to the Self Employed

01-Feb-2013 09:00:26 / by Ben Spector

You do not need to be working in finance to know that the country as a whole is in difficulty. Due to involuntary redundancies and a lack of potential employment opportunities, it is not surprising that since 2008, over 300,000 people have ‘taken the plunge’ and registered self-employed. Most of these people are not prepared for the challenges that being a freelancer brings, which is why anything that can be implemented to help should be welcomed.

For those venturing into self-employment, one of the important markets that needs to be considered is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), essentially business telecoms. Having this technology in place early on is crucial because it provides your business's core infrastructure. In fact, in a large majority of cases, especially for those who trade internationally, it is fair to say that a company without a solid business telecoms system could really struggle to make a profit if they spend a lot of time on the phone trying to broker deals.

Having the right business telecoms system in place is pivotal for a number of reasons. For starters, when using a company like SpecTronics, you know that you are getting your ‘system’ installed for the lowest possible price. In fact, in many instances, there is no hardware to install at all – your phones just talk to our servers from wherever they are in the world. Furthermore, if you need them, you have top-quality on-going support in place.

IP telephony systems make all calls (including international) inexpensive and, like mobiles, there are various minutes’ bundles available to help further control costs. Many people working alone make the mistake of thinking they can avoid a business telecom system by using a mobile phone. However, there are several issues if you choose to use this approach. For starters, not having a business number in place is seen by many as unprofessional. Furthermore, if the phone does not have unlimited calls, you will be surprised how quickly they disappear if you are using your phone for business. Add to that the fact that making international calls from a mobile is simply not an option, and you have all your reasons for implementing a business telecoms system.

Many are surprised to learn how inexpensive VoIP solutions are to set up and maintain. One of the best things about business telecoms if you are self-employed is that you will be able to start with a small VoIP solution. Then, when you need to expand, your VoIP system can be upgraded to accommodate your development.

Having the right VoIP solution in place will allow you to contact who you want anywhere in the world without having to worry about the cost.

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Ben Spector

Written by Ben Spector

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