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Why every freelancer should have competent IT support

06-Dec-2013 17:00:20 / by Ben Spector

The continuing instability of the employed-jobs market, combined with the ‘always on’ nature of modern communications, means many professionals are finding it easier than ever before to move out of the office and into the world of self-employment. Research by online work platform Elance shows that the number of UK businesses utilising freelance contractors has increased by 51 per cent in the last year alone, highlighting the shift in the way modern businesses are operating.

The freelance workforce assists a variety of industries, with some of the most prolific being writing, translation and design, among others. With many freelance contractors relying on the web to find and deliver their work, having adequate IT support in place is something all freelancers should be considering for the future of their business.

How much is your technology worth to you?

Unless you happen to be a freelance yoga instructor with a solid client base, chances are you use your PC and internet connection daily to find and undertake work, and market yourself. Even if your job is not highly PC based, the loss of technology such as your laptop or business telephone could result in substantial financial losses to your business, as well as potentially damaging your relationship with your customers.

Here are a few reasons we think every freelancer should be considering getting IT support, whatever niche they are operating in:

You could be wasting money

When you engage IT professionals such as SpecTronics, you will be given a review of your current set up in terms of cost effectiveness and performance. We call this a ‘health check’, and we offer this free of charge to small and medium businesses in and around London, providing a confidential means of assessing the effectiveness of your current set up.

This type of review can, and often does, result in small changes being made which save substantial amounts of both cash and time to the business. Depending on your situation this may mean a change of service provider, an upgrade of equipment or a simple redesign of the way you do things. Whatever the recommendation, you could end up significantly better off.

Your time is worth too much

If you have a problem with your in house technology, as a non-IT specialist, it could take an hour or more for you to solve the issue. Being engaged with an IT support company such as SpecTronics means you will always have helpdesk support ready to step in, leaving you free to get on with what you do best. See what our business IT support services include here.

Your reputation is worth more

Having technical failures which leave you unable to complete jobs on time can be highly damaging to your client relationships. Similarly, having a glitch on your blog or a website that’s riddled with bugs makes you look unprofessional, and will see your customers swiftly moving on to your competitors instead.

Data protection is your responsibility

No doubt you hold numerous pieces of sensitive information on your computer’s hard drive or business server. It is your responsibility, under the Data Protection Act, to ensure this information remains safe and secure, which means taking all reasonable measures to ensure your system cannot be compromised. With IT support, you can have confidence that your systems are secure and protected with the latest virus and malware detectors, keeping your data safe and your integrity intact.

One of the key benefits we often find when working with owners of small businesses or freelancers is that we have the ability to design IT systems which will grow with them. Whether we recommend a Hosted VoIP solution for their business communications or a cloud based server for additional storage, we always make sure the system will serve the business not just now, but for many years into the future, making any investment highly cost effective.

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Ben Spector

Written by Ben Spector

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