Why SME Companies in South West London Need an IT Support Package

Posted by Chris Selby-Rickards on 22-Dec-2017 11:14:26

If your laptop has ever broken down at home, you’ll know how inconvenient it can be to try and troubleshoot the problem, then take it in for repair. However, when it happens in a work environment, it can be even more inconvenient. When you run a small or medium sized business, you usually won’t have dedicated IT staff, and so your employees might be wondering where to turn when technology goes wrong. This is where it really pays to have an IT support package in place, and here are some of the ways why they’re so great for SME companies.

Improve productivity

It’s important that staff always have the right tools to do their jobs. If they’re struggling with a computer that keeps crashing, or unable to log into a certain system, this slows things right down. IT support companies can offer support via e-mail or over the phone, and can visit your site around Wimbledon or South-West London if it can’t be fixed remotely. This ensures people don’t fall behind in their work, which can impact your business.

Prevent downtime

Downtime is terrible for business. Your IT system going down could mean:

  • Not being able to take orders
  • Holding up the despatch of existing orders
  • Not being able to offer customer support
  • Having to delay or cancel deliveries
  • Important work not being done

These are all things that can be costly to any company, but if you’re a small or medium-sized organisation, the impact can be worse. Companies looking for an IT services provider should look for a 24/7 support package, as this ensures that even if things break down out of office hours, issues can quickly be resolved.

When choosing a package, think carefully about the response time you need. Even a couple of hours can be disruptive during busy periods, so it’s important to have an SLA with short turnaround.

Saving money

Investing in the right support package can save money, especially for SME firms. Often working out cheaper than having your own IT person, using IT services providers means you have your own IT team whenever you need them. It also means you have cover when staff are on holiday or having an early finish, so you aren’t always relying on one person.

Updates and upgrades

Smaller companies often struggle to keep their IT up to date, and might neglect to upgrade systems in a timely way. This can leave their systems vulnerable, and cost them more in the long-term. IT support isn’t just about fixing problems, but also preventing them. By running upgrades on anti-virus and other important software. When hardware starts to become obsolete and inefficient, they can suggest the best replacement to meet your company’s needs, so you can be sure you’re spending your money wisely.

SME businesses around the Wimbledon and South-West London areas should speak to Spectronics for their IT support package needs. Based in Wimbledon, simply call 03333 444 110 or email hello@spectronics.co.uk to find out about the services on offer.

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