Business Email Scammers Put Behind Bars

Posted by Ben Spector on 09-Jul-2018 12:21:36


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Windows 10 - Focus Assist

Posted by Ben Spector on 09-Jul-2018 10:51:21

4 Ways to Improve Productivity in Your Business

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GSuite for Business - 4 Gmail Enhancements That Can Help Your Business

Posted by Ben Spector on 28-Jun-2018 01:38:26


4 Gmail Enhancements That Can Help Your Business

Google is totally revamping Gmail. Here are four enhancements that can help you and your employees be more secure and work more productively when using Gmail.

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What is Phishing?

Posted by Ben Spector on 20-Jun-2018 15:22:48

3 Ways Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of Artificial Intelligence

What is Phishing and How to Keep Your Company Safe From Phishing Attacks

Phishing is a type of cyberattack in which criminals essentially trick users into disclosing their personal information such as passwords, credit card numbers and so on. This is becoming an increasingly popular attack vector, with more than 3 in 4 (76 percent) organizations in the UK saying they experienced a phishing attack in 2017, according to figures collated by Wombat Security.

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Business VoIP

Posted by Ben Spector on 18-Jun-2018 13:09:42


Business VoIP

4 Business Benefits of Investing in a VoIP Phone System


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Backing up your Laptop

Posted by Ben Spector on 01-Jun-2018 13:45:07


Backing up your Laptop

Select the Best Backup Solution for Your Business’s Laptops

Although challenging, backing up laptop data is important. Here are some options to keep in mind when you are determining the best way to back up the data in your company’s laptops.

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Topics: Data, Data Backup, data protection

GDPR Scams

Posted by Ben Spector on 01-Jun-2018 13:22:05


GDPR Scams

Watch Out for GDPR Phishing Scams

Hackers are sending out GDPR phishing emails, trying to trick people into entering the kinds of data that the General Data Protection Regulation is designed to protect. Learn about this scam and how to protect your business from it.

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Topics: GDPR, data protection

Cybercrime in Business

Posted by Ben Spector on 01-Jun-2018 13:13:38

The Devastating Effects of Cyberattacks on Small Businesses

Cybercrime in Business.

The 5 Most Costly Types of IT-Related Cybercrimes

A report issued by the Internet Crime Complaint Centre shows that cybercrime victims lost more than £1 billion in 2017. Here are the top five IT-related cybercrimes that cost businesses and individuals the most amount of money.

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Need an IT Helpdesk in Wimbledon?

Posted by Ben Spector on 25-May-2018 16:12:13



Need an IT Helpdesk in Wimbledon?

How You Can Help Minimise IT Downtime for Your South London Business


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VoIP Phone Systems for Business in London.

Posted by Ben Spector on 21-May-2018 16:02:15



What is a VoIP Phone Service, And How Can it Help Your South London Business to Grow

Landlines have basically become defunct in everyday life, but when it comes to running a business, people want you to be reachable on a geographical number. Giving out your home or mobile number can give the impression of a company being small or unprofessional, and for small and medium sized businesses, this can see them lose work. If your business is in London, then people want you to have the recognisable 020 number, but what if you work across multiple sites or are always on the go? That’s where VoIP is a great solution. It means you can use your phone number wherever there’s an internet connection and aren’t stuck with sky high line rental fees. So, how can this system help your business grow?

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