Starting up a Business? Rely on Cloud Computing Services


Simply put, cloud computing involves accessing documents and programs via the internet as opposed to your computer hard drive. In other words, as long as there’s an internet connection, cloud based data is accessible. Cloud computing systems are frequently used in small and medium sized businesses, but what makes cloud services superior to alternative methods? Below, we explore just a few reasons why you should use cloud computing at your start-up.


 Due to the way in which cloud based data is stored, your employees can work from pretty much anywhere as long as there’s a strong internet connection. Whether you have colleagues that need to work from home, or there are business trips in the pipeline, cloud services allow your employees to access important data on their phone, tablet or laptop from wherever they may be.


 It’s crucial to have the correct amount of storage space for your business, however, growth can fluctuate, especially when it comes to a brand new business. Cloud storage services allow you to easily scale up or scale down your storage space depending on your requirements. Rather than purchasing and installing expensive storage upgrades yourself, you can let your cloud computing service provider handle the situation for you, allowing you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Reliable back-up system

 Cloud storage solutions offer a safe and secure place for important documentation to be stored. Unfortunately, technology can fail us sometimes and in the event that your work computer gives up the ghost, you want to be sure that your documents are recoverable. With cloud storage, you can be sure that all your work is automatically saved, allowing you to pick up where you left off once you’re back online.

Promotes collaboration

 Certain businesses revolve around collaborative working and there are certain situations in which files need to be shared between employees. The cloud ensures that wherever you are, you can share documents with your colleagues easily. This means that any number of people can have access to the same document and edits can be made by anyone at any time, making collaboration more efficient.


At SpecTronics, we can tailor cloud-based services to suit your business. After assessing your requirements, we can recommend a cloud option that ticks all of your boxes, ensuring your operation gets off to an ideal start. Although based in Wimbledon, we also serve numerous locations across South-West London. To find out more about cloud computing, visit our website and bring your new business to life with SpecTronics. Alternatively you can contact us on  03333 444 110 or for free and impartial advice.


Free white paper: Cloud-Based Data Backup


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