Is your Business Protecting its Users from Weaponised Emails?

Posted by Joytan Fernandes on 11-Sep-2019 10:24:02
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Almost everyone is aware of email vulnerabilities, but do you act on it? According to FireEye Group, 91% of cyber-attacks started with an email. This is mostly because most people are under the assumption that they have proper up-to-date email security when they may not. Windows and Mac push monthly security updates which cover new advances in cyber-crime, but these updates are focused on making the system unbreachable but are not able to stop human errors via email which is why it is important to also invest in further proper email security.

How can Email Vulnerabilities be Weaponised?

Although the public is more aware of Cyber security more than ever before, the rate of cyber-crime is increasing faster than we are reacting and the use of malware via email is a huge part of this cause. Symantec’s 2018 Internet Threat Report stated that 54.6% of all email is spam with potential malware! Many business emails are attacked by simple yet effective malware. A good example is Phishing. Phishing is when an attacker disguises themselves as a company that is reputable which they can then use to obtain sensitive information like passwords and card details through social engineering.

Using Emails to obtain sensitive information is just one way for attackers to weaponise it. With minimal technical skill you can gain control of a Windows system just by downloading contents of an email like a software that would appear to be legitimate but in reality, is just a gateway for the attacker to control your system. This is called a Trojan Horse. Similarly, you may also be a victim to Spyware where an attacker is able to secretly monitor your activities on your devices and even record usage and transfer files.

How to Tackle Email Vulnerabilities?

Windows and Mac updates will not protect you from email attacks, so it is important to have an email security service in place. At SpecTronics we believe for businesses of all sizes to stay ahead of the curve by investing in a cloud-based email security service that protects inbound and outbound emails. These are services that can identify the latest spam, viruses, worms, phishing, and denial of service attacks before you even receive the email.

Additionally, it is important that the service is modifiable because as tricky as malware is, it can cause you to doubt thus delete legitimate emails. So, it is important to be able to override the service to deliver emails you are certain are legit!

Dealing with email malware can consume hardware resources thus contributing to performance issues so it is beneficial to adopt a cloud technology service rather than using the device’s hardware resources as all the emails would be monitored on the cloud where you can then receive your emails with minimal additional delay. It is important to have good email security, but it is even better if you can have one that works on the cloud and does not interrupt usage with continuous prompts for updates and scans as these are already being done for you on the cloud behind the scenes.

If you feel your business will benefit from Email Security Services to keep your businesses protected regularly with the latest solutions to cyber-crime without any hassle, call us today on 03333 444 110.

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