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What is a VoIP Phone Service, And How Can it Help Your South London Business to Grow

Landlines have basically become defunct in everyday life, but when it comes to running a business, people want you to be reachable on a geographical number. Giving out your home or mobile number can give the impression of a company being small or unprofessional, and for small and medium sized businesses, this can see them lose work. If your business is in London, then people want you to have the recognisable 020 number, but what if you work across multiple sites or are always on the go? That’s where VoIP is a great solution. It means you can use your phone number wherever there’s an internet connection and aren’t stuck with sky high line rental fees. So, how can this system help your business grow?

The world is your office

VoIP offers excellent potential in the global market, and if you have staff members working on the road or at home, you can keep in touch as if they were in the same office. Companies looking for an IT services provider should look for one that offers VoIP, as this opens up many possibilities for your employees. When someone calls your number, even if it’s geographical like 0208 for South London, you can answer on your VoIP phone, laptop, or via software on your mobile.

Calls can be recorded and monitored

In a competitive marketplace, it’s important to maintain excellent levels of customer service, and most businesses do this by recording phone calls. This means you can monitor random calls to ensure staff are being polite and friendly. On VoIP, this is easy to set up, and your IT services providers will be able to show you how it works. You can also use features such as call queuing, so if one member of staff can’t answer their phone, it’ll go to an alternative staff member of your choosing.

Saving money

There’s many reasons why VoIP can save business money, including:

  • Cheap line rental
  • Cheap call costs
  • Easy to scale – i.e. adding temps during peak times
  • Low set-up costs

Small and medium businesses often need greater flexibility, which VoIP offers, and in expensive areas such as South London, every penny counts, so switching to VoIP could make a big difference to your balance sheet.


When explaining VoIP to some business owners, their main concern is often whether it’ll be reliable. VoIP works wherever there is an internet connection, so it’s important to have a high-speed, stable connection, and using IT support companies will ensure you have back-up, ensuring you get back online as soon as possible. By contrast, when landlines go down it can often take days for engineers to come out, so VoIP can be more reliable than old-fashioned landlines in some areas.

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5 Questions before going VoIP

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